Friday, June 15, 2012

Is a Sewer Backup Claim Covered Under My Homeowners Policy?

There is no clear answer when a toilet overflows whether the homeowner’s policy will cover the damage. Generally, when a toilet backs up because of a “reverse-flow” from overloaded public sewer lines the damage is not covered because the cause of loss is excluded in the homeowner’s policy. If you wanted coverage for this type of loss you would purchase a water/sewer back up endorsement for building and contents. You select the amount of coverage you desire (generally in increments of $5,000) to add to your existing homeowner’s policy.

Who is at greatest risk for a water/ sewer back up claim? Those homeowners that live in coastal regions at or below sea level or along river plains that are subject to flooding. Also those homeowners that have a toilet attached to a community sewer that is on a concrete slab.

Talk to your insurance agent for more information and whether this important coverage is necessary for your home.

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