Friday, April 12, 2013

In Dealing With Emergencies Go To The Experts

In several previous blogs I have discussed what to do and how to insure for potential loss. Today I would like to point you to two organizations that understand disaster, loss and recovery. We all know their names but did you know they have terrific websites and resources available for planning for emergencies?

When it comes to dealing with emergencies and disasters, The American Red Cross really knows their stuff. So, if you have Internet access, check out that organization's online presentation, for information on preparing for emergencies and disasters. Find it here:
Another well known organization is FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They produce a wide range of publications and guidance for dealing with all kinds of disasters, including incidents for which I simply didn't have the space to cover here – such as chemical alerts, landslides and tsunamis, as well as valuable advice on recovery and rebuilding after a disaster. Their website is

I know that reviewing both of these websites won’t be as fun as playing “angry birds’ or checking Facebook but knowing where to look for support and information in advance of a loss is a great way to be prepared.

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