Friday, April 5, 2013

Health Insurance Exchanges Slow to Develop

If you have been wondering about the health insurance exchanges that states are to have ready for their citizens so am I. All citizens of the United States are to have health insurance as of 01/01/2014 and the development of health exchanges are supposed to help make buying insurance an easy experience. States could opt to form their own exchanges, or work with the Fed to develop on a partnership basis and finally not form an exchange and allow the Fed to complete for them.


With the requirement for health insurance for so many new customers the sooner that we know what the plans are and the prices the easier it will be for everyone to make the transition. Many of my clients have asked what is going to happen after 01/01/2014 and while I know what the law states I don’t know much beyond that. I am hoping that by this summer we will have a comprehensive listing of health insurance plans to be offered and what roll that I as an agent will play in helping my clients.

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